AqGas Electrolysers

AqGas is newly formed and is a dedicated Green Hydrogen Electrolyser production company and a spin-out from AqSorption Limited. Details are available at:

Hydrogen from renewables

There are huge energy usage areas that are difficult to decarbonise and for which battery rollout will not be able to service even using the most optimistic future battery technologies.

Hydrogen has excellent energy density, has a long history of usage & is overcoming existing drawbacks of energy intense pressurisation and reliable storage

For whatever scale of hydrogen production you require there is an AqGas electrolyser in development to suit. The ideal location for commercial scale units is adjacent to renewable energy sources – either as dedicated supply or using intermittent surpluses.

Domestically the units are being designed to be plug-and-play and inter-operable across normal mains to local renewable power sources such as roof solar panels.