Our Specialization

We specialise in bespoke engineering and R&D within the low-carbon hydrogen space & waste treatment sectors, specifically:

  • Green Hydrogen via Water Electrolysis
  • Speciality and environmentally challenging electrolysis solutions e.g. heavy industry site or radioactive input
  • Oxygen services including medical, dewatering of digestate and lowering chemical oxygen demand
  • Anaerobic Digestion [AD] enhancements: hydrogen-fed retrofits & installations to boost output
Our History

In 2015 Paul Geary, MD at AqGas, was a mobile service engineer working on biogas combustion engines at anaerobic digestion plants. A client asked him to try and solve the problem of digestate having high transport costs and a high Oxygen demand making it difficult and costly to spread on land.

Paul designed a system to Oxygenate the digestate thereby lowering its handling costs and environmental impact. After a chain of coincidences, it became clear Green Hydrogen electrolysis (where Oxygen was viewed as a waste by-product) held massive potential to enhance the AD process. Paul’s expertise in gas combustion plus the over-due re-design potential of established but static alkaline electrolysis procedure led to the formation of the unique kernels of AqGas innovations.

AqGas Flow-through Electrolysers

Paul’s re-designed electrolysis cell, where porous electrodes intrinsically separate and keep separate the hydrogen and oxygen that evolves, has manifold benefits over cells with proton exchange membranes or mixed gas outputs that then require separation.