Hydrogen-enhanced AD with CO2 Capture


Immediate replica sites available to enhance and >650 AD plants in the UK


into any AD digestor during a scheduled maintenance


European sites suitable for hydrogen feeding upgrade

About AqGas

AqGas Ltd is a Nottingham-based small business focusing on renewable energy & environmentally friendly waste treatment.

The revolutionary Flow-Through Electrolyser from AqGas is also a game changer for the Nuclear sector both for Pink Hydrogen production and providing detritiation services.

The powerful and tough electrolysers will be portable and available for small scale use-cases such as filling hydrogen-ready Agricultural Vehicles and Construction Machinery. They will kick-start decarbonisation in rural areas and enable fossil-fuel free building sites.

Green Hydrogen Electrolysers


Hydrogen from Renewables

There are huge areas within the energy sector that are difficult to decarbonise and which an expanded battery storage will not be able to service – even using the most optimistic future battery technologies.

Hydrogen has excellent energy density, a long history of usage & is fast overcoming existing drawbacks of energy intense pressurisation and reliable bulk storage.

For whatever scale of hydrogen production you require there is an AqGas electrolyser in development to suit. The ideal location for commercial-size units is adjacent to renewable energy sources – either as dedicated supply or using intermittent surpluses. Our design keys in seamlessly with a decentralised network or can provide temporary to seasonal storage capabilities in a larger hub and spoke energy concept – such as North Sea Wind Hub.

Domestically the units are being designed to be plug-and-play and inter-operable across normal mains to local renewable power sources such as roof solar panels using our own design of transformers.

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AqGas is now focused on upscaling our patented Green Hydrogen production solution. From initial concept onwards the electrolyser is fashioned to be modular and manufactured in high volumes by UK workers. Sustainability is of utmost importance to AqGas, for instance key components are made from AeroSpace waste material around the Midlands.

Green Aviation and Sustainable Aviation Fuel
Green Aviation and Sustainable Aviation Fuel
Fuel-switching for High-Heat Users
Fuel-switching for High-Heat Users
Decarbonising Commercial Transport
Decarbonising Commercial Transport

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AqSorption the R&D Company for AqGas receives UKAEA Award
AqSorption the R&D Company for AqGas receives UKAEA Award

UKAEA awarded contracts as part of the Fusion Industry Programme “The organisations focusing on reducing fusion powerplant fuel requirements by researching advanced production and handling technologies for hydrogen isotopes include… AqSorption Ltd…”. For more info please visit their UKAEA Website https://ccfe.ukaea.uk/ukaea-awards-6-8m-of-contracts-to-further-fusion-energy-development/

AqGas is developing a product line of novel portable containerised electrolyser solutions
  • calendar-icon Dec 23, 2022

AqGas is developing a product line of novel portable containerised electrolyser solutions


Our Partners

Recently the local Local Enterprise Partneship, D2N2, funded a proof of concept project where an AqGas electrolyser creates Green Hydrogen that is injected into an Anaerobic Digestor to markedly improve energy yield: both biomethane volume and percentage composition. Within the project is a number of exceptional technologies undergoing commercialisation

  • Flow-Through Electrolysis
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Integrated Carbon-Capture
  • Graphene Applications
  • Electrolyser Energy Management

Hydrus Group, Bloom Developments, Henry Royce Institute, National Physical Laboratory, Mercia Power Response, National Graphene Institute, UK AEA (Fusion Technologies)

Loughborough University, University of Nottingham, University of Manchester

Anaerobic Digestion, Solar Power Green Hydrogen Production, Electrolysers for new fusion energy plus fission site decommissioning

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