AqGas is developing a product line of novel portable containerised electrolyser solutions

AqGas is developing a product line of novel portable containerised electrolyser solutions for any scale and use case. This means the barriers to entry in initial costs for customers seeking medium to small-scale electrolysers are lowered with the low maintenance design and more simple balance of plant that is associated with the re-imagined alkaline electrolyser range from AqGas. We are actively engaged in CHP, Hydrogen and renewables integration projects providing energy storage and resilience to industrial settings and communities.

AqGas is excited to announce that it is leading a group of partners including local renewable energy producers in a multi-faceted hydrogen and CO2 capture project in Nottinghamshire. The ambition is to increase electricity production and decarbonise the rural and agricultural local sector using green hydrogen. Backers include the Local Enterprise Partnership, D2N2, and the delivery of the solution is expected mid-2023. It is anticipated to be the demonstrator for a wider roll-out of the technology. There are manifold economic and environmental benefits arising from the project for instance water-related oxygenation services. If you are interested in finding out more or in applying the solution to your locality then please contact us directly.

AqGas has an electrode efficiency development programme using advanced manufacturing capabilities and supported by entities such as the Henry Royce Institute. We use a fundamentally different electrode architecture and the indicative modelled efficiencies in hydrogen evolution significant improvements on electrolysis cells in current usage. Using the very latest in catalytic enhancement and computational fluid dynamics AqGas is well on the path to delivering its stated aim of reaching lowest levelised cost of green hydrogen.

As part of a ‘cradle-to-grave’ Local Energy Security Concept, AqGas has secured a Midlands site for a solar park to demonstrate a zero-carbon hydrogen filler station that could be off-grid. The entire process is going to exhibited from energy capture, transformation, storage to transfer onboard a hydrogen combustion vehicle. AqGas is actively seeking partners for a deployment opportunity in a least developed country with high energy needs and high solar irradiance.

Within our specialist scenario electrolysis projects, AqGas is working with the UK AEA on several isotopic separation technologies to help with both fission and fusion sectors. The electrolysers and ancillary components are being designed to provide a clean-up and fuel management capabilities both of which are critical challenges decommissioning fission sites and developing fusion sites.